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Make more money from your sales pages, checkouts and upsell pages with 100+ key conversion checkpoints (design, copy, speed, analytics, optimization, and more).

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Hi, I’m Sam. Founder of CreatorScale and the guy behind the Sales Page Conversion Checklist.

Over the past decade, I’ve made millions in sales from my online course business primarily through long form sales pages—and helped other creators do the same. In short, I know what works when it comes to writing and designing high-conversion sales pages.

Optimize your sales page with 100+ proven conversion checkpoints

The Sales Page Conversion Checklist gives you a reliable roadmap to systematically improve your sales pages, checkouts, and upsell pages.

Here's how it works

Whether you’re writing & designing a sales page from scratch, or optimizing an existing one, here’s how the Sales Page Conversion Checklist will help you 👇

Work through the checklist from top to bottom

Start by checking off items that you’ve already implemented. Then, systematically work through the remaining items to fully optimize your sales page.

Not sure what to start with? Choose the Easy, High Impact items listed in the sheet.

Checklist is available for Google Sheets, Notion and Airtable.

Use the guides & examples provided

Not sure how to make a certain improvement or implement a checklist item?

Use the provided guides & examples (screenshots, explanations, long-form guides and articles) to get unstuck and move forward.

Optimize the rest of your funnel

No sales page is complete without an optimized checkout and upsell flow (if you’re using one).

Maximize your conversion rate and average order value with extra checklist items for checkout/order form pages and upsell/downsell pages.

The math behind sales page optimization

Small tweaks and improvements can drastically improve your sales page conversion rate (resulting in more customers and more revenue)*

*This calculator is for display purposes only. Revenue increases and results shown are in no way guaranteed.

Get more from your marketing efforts

You’ve spent hours building a great product (or service).

Time & money spent building ad campaigns and creative.

Social media posts like no tomorrow.

All leading towards one goal: making sales.

And your sales page is the last step in the journey. It’s the most important, central “node” in your business.

When you improve it—even just a little bit—everything multiplies.

And if you have multiple products or services (with multiple sales pages), optimization becomes even more important.

The Sales Page Conversion Checklist helps you systematically analyze and optimize each of your sales pages, so you can get the maximum benefit from your marketing efforts and ad spend.

Discover the 100+ key conversion checkpoints for your sales and landing pages

Get Instant Access to the Checklist

Get instant access to the Sales Page Conversion Checklist now!

Sales Page conversion checklist
100+ conversion checkpoints to improve your page



The tool that helps you improve all elements of your sales page:
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Get Instant Access to the Checklist
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I’m confident that the Sales Page Conversion Checklist will help you optimize your sales page and improve its conversion. But if for any reason it doesn’t, or you’re not satisfied, then just email [email protected] and I’ll give you a full refund (within 14 days of purchase).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly is the Sales Page Conversion Checklist?

    The Sales Page Conversion Checklist is a comprehensive collection of key items & tasks that can be used by course creators, coaches, and digital product owners to improve their sales pages and landing pages.

    The 100+ items are spread over various areas of optimization such as:

    • Core Offer & Copywriting

    • Sections & Blocks

    • Design Fundamentals

    • Graphics & Images

    • SEO

    • Speed Optimization

    • Conversion Boosters

    Most of the items feature a guide or example. The ones that don’t are simple enough to be self-explanatory.

    Users can filter tactics by difficulty, area, and impact. The checklist can also be filtered by status: done, in progress, not started.

    Finally, the checklist is available in identical versions across Google Sheets, Notion, and AirTable so you can use it in the tool you’re most comfortable with.

  • Can I use this to build a new sales page from scratch?

    Absolutely! I encourage you to do so.

    Simply work through the checklist from top to bottom, optimizing as you build.

  • Is this a course?


    A course takes you through a linear process. You go through modules, lessons, and get a single outcome.

    The tactics library is a tool that can be applied to your business in a unique way.

    If you want to improve your email marketing game, then you can implement some of the email marketing tactics.

    If your product & offer is the weak point, then you can implement some of the product & offer tactics.

    That said, each tactic has a short example or guide to help you implement and execute on it.

  • Will you give me a refund if I don’t like it?

    Yes, but only if you request one within 14 days of purchase.

  • Who are you, anyway?

    I’m Sam, from New Zealand.

    I’ve been in the online business and online course world for the last 13 years. In that time, I’ve generated millions of dollars through online courses (in the music production space), and many more millions consulting with other creators.

    I’m not some guru who’s been making money by showing others how to make money. I’ve built a real business in a completely different market (music), and now I’m sharing what I’ve learned.

  • How do I get access?

    Upon signup, you’ll receive an email with view access to the checklist in Google Sheets, Notion and Airtable.

    You’ll be able to make your own copy of these checklists (in whichever tool you prefer), and then use it, implement the tactics and check them off, and edit it however you like. You can even add your own items.

    Please note that you cannot share or re-sell the tactics library or any of the bonuses. If you would like to use the tactics library with clients of your own, you can purchase an extended license. Simply email me at [email protected].

  • Does it matter which software/tech stack I use?

    No. This checklist is platform-agnostic.

  • Do you have an affiliate program?

    Yes. Please email me at [email protected] for more information.

  • Is it really worth what you’re charging?

    Put it this way.

    Let’s say you apply just a few of the checklist items (ideally you apply all of them).

    And your conversion rate increases by 10%. 

    Do the math. Is that worth $27?

  • I have another question

    No worries! Feel free to email me at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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